Maria Lawler, RDH is our fully qualified and skilled dental hygienist.  She qualified as a dental hygienist in 2011 with distinction from the Dublin Dental School and Hospital. During her time at university Maria won a Sensodyne Award of Excellence and had an associated article published in the Irish Dental Hygienist Association Journal. Maria has worked in a variety of specialized and general dental practices as a Dental Hygienist.

Her gentle approach and positive attitude puts all of our patients at ease, especially those that are nervous about dental treatments. Her compassion, and attention to the needs of each individual patient, is what makes her excel at her role.



What can I expect from my visit with the Hygienist ? 

During your visit Maria will review your oral hygiene and demonstrate how it can be improved.  She will then clean around all your teeth and gums, particularly at the gum tooth interface.  This is an important area if optimal gum health is to be achieved.  Finally she will polish your teeth.

Teeth can be polished with either the conventional rubber cup and paste or with the more modern Prophy-Jet. Maria. offers both techniques, but most patients prefer the Prophy-Jet.


 What are the newest innovations in dental hygiene technology?

The Prophy-Jet is a high-tech air polishing system that removes stains and debris from teeth.  It is most effective at removing stains from areas that can not be reached by conventional polishing.  Patients prefer this method because there is no unnerving sound or vibrations like conventional polishers.

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